Top 10 University Research Paper Topics

You can use this list in one of two ways:

  • - To find topics to use for your own research paper
  • - To find topics that are over-used, so that you can avoid them when writing your own unique research paper

The Top 10 University Research Paper Topics:

  1. - Obesity in America
  2. - The Effects of Peak Oil on the Global Economy
  3. - How American Foreign Policy Impacts Global Terrorism
  4. - Abortion (Pro-Choice VS Pro-Life)
  5. - How Affirmative Action Impacts Race Issues
  6. - Racism, Gay Rights, Hate Crimes, and Immigration
  7. - Violence in Video Games and On Television
  8. - Women’s Rights, Feminism, and Sexual Harassment
  9. - The Impact of Religion on Society and Ethics
  10. - Government Regulation, Politics, and Taxes

All of these topics are rather broad in scope, and digging deeper into one can help take an overused subject and give it some spice.

Use These Topics with Creativity

The most important thing you can do with this list of topics is to combine them in some fashion. For instance, a study on the impact of obesity in America and its implications for terrorism is not only a paper that has probably never passed your professor’s desk before, but has plenty of available sources.

You’ll need to connect the dots, employ critical thinking, and make some assumptions to write such a paper. This, however, is exactly what your professor wants to see. They’re not forcing you to write a paper to demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter (that’s what tests are for) but to see if you’re developing crucial critical thinking skills without getting term paper help.

Does Your Professor Have a Soft Spot?

An easy way to “game” your professor into giving you a better grade is by picking a topic he or she is fond of, and writing your paper in a way that subtly aligns with his or her point of view. This can be tricky, though, as if it’s too blatant your professor is likely to grade your paper more harshly.

When using this technique, be sure to only subtly imply that you’re in agreement with the professor’s stated point of view. For instance, if your professor is a radical feminist, you should write a research paper that shows proof that salary inequalities don’t just effect women, but even the perception that children have on the roles of women in society.

By using such a method, you’ll quickly and easily gain favor from your professor, resulting in a much better grade than you otherwise would have received.