Top 10 College Research Paper Topics

Doing a research paper in college requires time, energy, and a good topic to write about.   Since you will engage in a good amount of time in writing your paper, an interesting topic is a must in helping you write effectively.  There are so many topics to choose from you are sure to find something that peaks your interest.  But, at the same time, the topic should be something you want to write about.  Reviewing previous research paper topics can be a good place to start.  If you know the subject matter, brainstorming to break it down into smaller concepts is another option.  The following topics are some of the most popular concepts to write about.

  1. Abortion.  Whether you hate the idea of killing an unborn child, or the steps associated in the actual process itself, there is plenty to say about a topic that continues to raise all sorts of questions around the world.
  2. Harry Potter.  The character is quite popular but there are different aspects to explore such as how he communicates or actions he did in certain stories.
  3. Crime in the media.  More people seem to get annoyed that such heinous crimes are reported, but how much of it is true?
  4. The death penalty.  There are different sides to this story that can be researched but some wonder does this prevent or encourage more serious crimes.
  5. Facebook and social media.  How has this affected the way people connect or socialize with one another?
  6. Terrorism and war.  Is one the solution to the other or how can we get rid of both? There is also the aspect of war on terrorism; are we winning or losing this battle so far?
  7. Same sex marriage.  While more people are starting to accept this lifestyle, those who oppose are getting angrier. How is this lifestyle seen on the international level in other countries?
  8. Using school grades and standardized tests to indicate intelligence.  Should we continue to do this or is there a more effective solution?
  9. Parenting and making decisions for their children. When should children be allowed to make their own decisions? 
  10. Rich verses Poor debate.  Is it true the richer are getting richer and poor are getting poorer?  Dose poverty play a role in how the poor are defined as being poor?  What does it mean to be rich?