Writing a math term paper - Should you go for something new or discuss already time-proven facts

Anytime you are doing a writing assignment you may want to work toward presenting new and innovative information. This can help you get your point across when presenting related facts and information to prove your point. But, sometimes you may not be able to provide something new if you can’t figure out how to fit it in your paper. This is when you need to rethink your topic and concept. Sometimes it is a matter of getting thoughts logically in order to better present your findings.

Reviewing New Versus Already Proven

When it comes to understanding math, many people may prefer proven methods over new ones. Some new ones may be difficult to understand or work into a specific method or situation. Other times using already proven facts is easier for the sake of presenting content that is familiar and well-known. Depending on what your main point is you may need to compare pros and cons of using either new or proven facts. Sometimes it may help to mention one of each if you are comparing concepts to raise awareness or bring a new level of understanding.

Benefits of New

There are math experts and professionals who are constantly reviewing new and potential facts that may have significance based on what has already been proven. Sometimes having new information can help bring validity to something people may have had a misunderstanding about. There could be some disadvantages in bringing in new facts if it is related to something opinions conflict about. There are people who feel math is complicated enough as it is and want to keep things simple. In other words, they would rather stick to proven methods to save time and confusion.

When Proven Facts Are Best

Proven facts are important since there is research behind it to make it solid. New facts may still be in the works to be proven, or they may take more time to be understood by others. As mentioned earlier, depending on your topic of choice, you may benefit from using proven facts since it makes your work more credible in the end. It may be easier to find data related to something that has been proven through research. This can help save time when you know reputable sources that would offer such details.