Using Free College Essays Found Online

You can use the free college essays you find online for more than just handing them in. That would actually be quite a bad idea, as most of them have already been handed in to professors in the past. This means that you’ll be caught for plagiarizing your paper pretty easily, and will end up on academic probation.

Instead, use the essays you find online for any of the following purposes:

  1. To see what approach other students have taken when writing their essays
  2. To gain further insight into the topic at hand
  3. To see how a good essay is written and structured
  4. To find additional resources and citations

Each of these things are valuable on their own. But, when combined, as is the case with using free college essays found online, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of them at once. So, what’s the end result of doing so?

Putting Together the Best Essay You’ve Ever Written

It actually starts by reviewing the sources and citations provided in the paper. You can then go to the library and request copies of these books, having them for your own research. The next step is studying the structure of the essay and implementing it your own paper.

By reading the entire essay you’ll quickly and easily understand all of the important parts of the paper. Create your own outline from these key points, and you’ll have everything you need to write your own essay, from scratch.

Don’t Just Rewrite the Essay!

Do what you can to take a unique and distinct approach to writing your essay. Professors love seeing originality in the papers handed in. While reading the free papers you’ve gathered from the web, look for recurring themes. Once you spot them, you will know what to avoid in writing your own paper.

Bonus Tip: Check the Method for Citation

One of the most challenging aspects of writing a paper is putting together your citations correctly. By reviewing free college essays found online, you’ll be able to review the method used for citations. If yours matches what you see in the free papers, you know you’re doing it correctly.

This can be a point of contention with many professors. They will reduce the grade of an otherwise perfect paper to nearly failing because citations aren’t utilized appropriately. Take this tip and use it to protect your grade.