How To Write A Background Research Paper Properly

The background of a research paper is also the literature review. Students are supposed to write the literature review of a certain topic because they get to know what the topic is about and what has already been discussed about the subject. If you are a student in a university or a college and your teacher asks you to write a background research paper, then you should begin with the following steps.

Research your topic properly

The very first thing you need to do is understand your topic. To be able to do this you need to carry out an organized research. If you do not plan your research and do not give a definite direction then you will stray from your topic. This will cause waste of time.

Analyze the existing material

During your research you will come across a lot of stuff that seems relevant to your topic. Some will have a different approach than others. Some might talk about its benefits while others may analyze its social impacts. You will have to carefully analyze all the existing material and check what are they lacking in

Pen down all the important data

While you collect information, keep a pen and paper with you to note down all the important findings. If you are using a computer, you can simply bookmark the places, and copy and paste the important stuff in a word file. This way you will have all the necessary data with you, required to compile a background research paper

Identify strengths

A background research paper does not only look at the gaps in the existing material but also appreciates the strong points in a paper. You have to stay unbiased and highlight the strengths of the paper

Point out weaknesses

It is necessary to point out the weaknesses in a paper while carrying out a literature review. It helps the readers understand the importance and purpose of your background research paper

See where it lacks sufficient information

If you are pointing out the weaknesses in a paper, you have to check where there is need for further explanation and critically analyze the approach of the author

Even if you are a teacher and have assigned the background research to your students, you will find this article helpful in how to grade and compare the works of your class