General Prompts about Research Paper Writing Style

It happens. The dreaded writer’s block has hit, but that is difficult to understand when all someone does is stare at a computer and looks at a blank Word document, waiting for the words to flow into the hands to start writing.

Sad part is, the paper is due in a few days and the writer has no idea what to write about.

Here are some prompts that might help when it comes to choosing a topic for the research paper when research does not inspire.

Write about what truly grabs your interest:

In college, some instructors will assign the topics or a group of topics that one can write on. Most instructors though will leave the topics up to the student to actually write about and choose from. Take a look at what grabs your interest, such as economics or politics. Never know what might spark from it.

Ask your instructor:

After looking into the soul, the writer might not be able to figure out what makes them interested, or feels that maybe it will not be interesting enough to the instructor. Go and talk to them. The instructors are there to help a person succeed , so take advantage of them and talk to them about what you could possible do the paper on. Never know, the talk might inspire an interest that you did not think would be there or even worth researching.

Write your way to it:

Sometimes a writer just needs to write. After focusing so hard and trying to figure it out, it can really burn someone out. Free writing and brainstorming are great tools for pre-writing, which is essential for not only preventing writers block at the beginning of the process, but can help generate ideas when none come to mind, or a writer can refer back to the ideas that were created later on as a starting point for research or even for including in the draft.

Pose it as a problem to be solved or a question:

When writing it out does not work or talking it out does not work, giving it a while new perspective might be the way to go. If someone is more problem solving oriented, then looking at the topics for a research paper as a problem that needs a solution would be a good way to go because then they look at it as they need a solution to a problem. Sometimes it also helps to look at it as a question such as what can I write my paper on?