How to do a Research Paper Results Section

A results section is mandatory for your research paper. Whether you’re in high school or already in college, a research paper is an assignment you’re going to get sooner or later. When you do it is important that you are familiar with the proper structure and style that should be used, as well as the various sections required.

What is the Research Paper Results?

This is a section of the research paper that list the outcome and the results of your research. This is a section that requires a lot of presentation to might right but is very much needed to be included in your final paper. One of the biggest mistakes that a student makes when writing these section of their paper is not hoping into enough detail. This section of the paper gives you, the writer, the chance to expand on your thoughts and your ideas, and it should inform the reader of all of the things that you want them to know. Your source should be the one and only that is needed to gain confidence in learning factual information.

Things to Remember

You should have two to three sections in the research paper results section. Each of these sections should focus on just one point so you can give enough detail on each one. Start with the most important facts and work your way down. Of course the most information should be given on the most relevant information.

Make sure that you organize your paper to include the important information. This section should have the statistical information that has been used to find the results that you have determined. You should also have this section listing the different conditions that were involved testing your hypothesis.

Make sure that you are using the right format for your document. Check with the instructions that you were given for the assignment, and go from there. You always want to use the instructors your professor give to you. If nothing is stated there then you should use the APA standard of formatting. This is the most commonly used. Before you start writing your paper make sure that you’ve conducted you research. It is far easier to read, research and take notes than it is to try and sit down and write a paper from scratch as you go.


The research section of your term paper is very important. Make sure that you use this information and everything that you’ve already learned thus far to create your research the right way!