Term Paper Writing Manual: Writing A Killer Introduction

What Is The Introduction?

The opening paragraph of a term paper is meant to serve as the introduction. This paragraph should set the tone of the paper and grab initial interest. The introduction is essentially made up of two main elements:

  1. A general introduction to what the paper is about
  2. The thesis statement

The thesis statement is the central aspect of the paper, so not only does the introduction revolve around it but so does the body as a whole. You should put your thesis statement in front of you and craft an introduction based on it.

Why Write An Introduction?

Without an adequate introduction it would be quite confusing for the reader to decipher what you are attempting to convey. They need to have of an idea of your topic so they can follow through your paper. The introduction provides the reader the beginning so they can follow the idea. The rest of the paper will provide supporting details and evidence to uphold the thesis and introduction.

When To Do It

Some experts and instructors recommend writing the introduction after the completion of the rest of the composition. This way you can effectively introduce what you will actually discuss and it will be in sync with the rest of the content. If your project undergoes changes during its creation, it is of great importance to make sure the introduction is an accurate reflection of what you will be saying throughout the project. However, if you have written a very solid outline and stay true to it, you can go ahead and write your introduction first. Be sure to proofread and keep the paper consistent throughout.

How To Write The Introduction

Begin with an interesting sentence or two to grab the reader’s attention and introduce them to the topic. You should not go over the top or be too detailed with information. The details can be saved for the body portion of the paper. By hooking the reader’s attention with the first couple of sentences you can tune them into the way of thinking you will develop in the rest of the paper. Next, you state your thesis, which can be done in one or more sentences. The length of your introduction depends on factors such as the assignment’s length and complexity, but in general it should not be more than one page unless it is a very lengthy project or book. The ideal length of an introduction is about one-half of a page.