Western civilization research paper topics

Creating a research paper over Western civilization affords a student an opportunity to explore some incredible aspect of society. With so many options and choices available to a writer it may be hard for you to choose one. However, it is important that a writer do a good job while research for this topic. Your research paper should include a lot of facts and figures that will serve to strengthen the paper. However it is important that you not allow facts to overwhelm the paper as it could lose some of its effectiveness.

Western Civilization Research Topic: Technology Throughout Time

One awesome topic to discuss in a research paper is technology throughout time. Since the early periods of civilization mankind has always made use of some time of technology. Technology since this time has made great leaps and bounds in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Creating a paper concerning this topic will allow you to look at multiple points in history ,when different technological advancements were made. These topics can include advancements in business technology, agriculture, automotive industry, monuments and other spectacles of western civilization. Writing this research paper can help people appreciate all of the advancements made in technology.

Western Civilization Research Topic: Philosophers and Great Leaders

Western civilization has seen its share of great leaders that may or may not have held political positions. This subtopic within itself is incredible vast and lends you a wide variety of different subjects to focus on. Philosophers have helped shape the consciousness of their time period and beyond. Many of these great men have left spiritual, moral, physical, mental and philosophical knowledge that has been used by millions of people. Not only have philosophers helped shape the course of humanity, but also politicians. A research topic covering different Presidents such as: John F. Kennedy can be incredibly insightful. Finally, everyday people such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Michael Jackson have served as powerful leaders for those that went unheard or unnoticed. All of these great leaders can serve as awesome topics for a research topic.

Western Civilization has many facets to it that can make great research topics. A list of these topics can be found below:

  • Philosophers and Great Leaders
  • Technology and the Advancements Throughout Time
  • Downfalls of Different Empires
  • Music Through Time
  • Western Artists Influence on Art World Wide
  • Education in Western Civilization
  • Fashion in Western Civilization
  • Western Wars and Conquest
  • Current Western Civilization